Sell Your Used Car Like a Pro

Sell Your Used Car Like a Pro

How do you feel when you’re looking to buy a new ride? Do you get sticker shock at the prices of some models, or does your heart soar at the sight of your dream car? One thing’s for sure if you’ve been in the market before, it isn’t easy to find a good deal. It can be damn near impossible.


The reason is simple: The best deals are usually reserved for people who know what they’re doing expert consumers – true automotive insiders. They understand when dealerships are holding back inventory and when they should pull the trigger on a hot used honda Fresno. Well, after years of testing and searching and negotiating our way through thousands of vehicles, we decided it was time to put together an easy guide to help average consumers get a great deal.

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After all, we were just like you: car-shopping novices who enjoyed the drive but needed help buying. We didn’t know where to find unadvertised specials at dealerships, and we certainly didn’t know how to get the best price for our trade-ins. So we decided to talk with some experts – guys who made their living by knowing every trade trick. They do this for a living! Most of them own dealerships or repair shops, and they buy and sell cars daily.


And after talking to them, here are some simple ideas that can easily be applied to your buying experience.


We found out there are all sorts of ways dealerships make extra money by selling slightly used cars at reduced prices. The only catch is you usually have to know where to look and who to ask to find these deals, which is why it’s so crucial for you to read this guide from cover to cover. Some of the advice was a little too complicated and would probably be over our readers’ heads (at least for now), but the vast majority of what we heard could help even casual car shoppers get a great deal – and not just on new models either.


So before you head out in search of the perfect new ride, make sure to check out all of our insider advice below.