How To Keep Your Car Brand New By Spending Very Little

How To Keep Your Car Brand New By Spending Very Little

We understand people want their cars to look brand new even after using them for many years. Most car owners treat their vehicles like children, and nurturing your offspring is vital if you want them to be active and healthy. Of course, for humans, there is food and oxygen, but when it comes to cars, you need to provide fuel or diesel and conduct routine servicing.

It is advised to service your car at least once a year. This could get a little heavy on the pocket. Zoz provides affordable car servicing package singapore so that you can keep your car shining without spending a fortune. The servicing generally includes inspecting principal parts for issues and replacing old fluids and components.

Five reasons why you should service your car at appropriate intervals

It improves the shelf life of the vehicle

Cars and four-wheelers lead a rough life especially considering the roads in Singapore. If you span long miles regularly, it will eventually cause wear and tear. Mechanics understand your vehicle and recommend servicing the car at required intervals to change the oil filter and oil and check other parts, such as the engine and brakes. By annual servicing, you are increasing the life span of the vehicle. It is because new fluids and parts give life to the car.

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Protects you from accidents or mishaps

Checking other components of the vehicle is as crucial as replacing the oil. Inspecting the brakes, tyres, suspension, exhaust and lights are essential to avoid accidents. Regular servicing helps you identify issues with these parts and solve them before they cause significant problems. After all, being abandoned by your car at the corner of the street is not a pleasant experience.

Maintains your car’s warranty

If your car came with a manufacturer warranty, servicing the vehicle at required intervals will keep the covenant intact. You don’t need to get the motor vehicle serviced by the dealer or manufacturer from whom you purchased it. An authorized garage abiding by the manufacturer’s service schedule using authentic parts will do the job. Don’t worry about overspending with Zoz. They offer pocket-friendly car servicing package Singapore.

Increases the car’s value

When you visit a dealer to purchase a car, be it second-hand, you want it to be in good condition. A car’s service history helps you understand how properly the car was treated by previous owners. There are three kinds of history

  • Full service
  • Partial service
  • No service

A vehicle with a blank service history will likely attract fewer customers than one with a filled document. It will also help you make more money on the automobile.

Saves money

Timely servicing will enhance your engine’s functioning and performance, saving cash on fuel. Worn-out parts can adversely affect other components and lead to permanent failure. If a worn-out part is neglected or ignored for a long time, it may cause a breakdown which will need costly roadside repair.

To drive your car for a decent amount of time, service the vehicle regularly from a reputable company.