Honey for acne, Des it Work? Get Expert New York Skin Solutions Review

Honey for acne, Des it Work? Get Expert New York Skin Solutions Review

Acne is the bane to teenage. The red zits on the skin surface are the nuisance of youth. Many a girl goes through stress and dilemma of how to deal with them. A helpful and natural cure is treatment with honey. This new york skin solutions review of honey for skin can help you.

Honey does help in treating acne, for some extremely well while for others maybe marginally. Honey is a natural ingredient. Made from the nectar of flowers it has 600 elements to it. Although pimples strike a predominant majority of pubescent teens the fact of those uncomely infections are not very clear to all.

How can honey help to treat a pimple?

A pimple is basically a clogging of facial pores (most often the hair follicles). These follicles have an oil secretion gland which secretes sebum. When the sebum gets trapped within the pore rather than flowing out on the hair and skin. When this sebum gets infected we get a pimple.

Honey is a product which has several beneficial qualities. It is in extensive use for its medicinal and healing qualities since the 2500BC or earlier. Chronicled mention of honey appears dating back to Sumerian times.

Uses of honey

Honey works as anti bacterial remedy on skin along with that it is also anti inflammatory, thereby its effects on a pimple can be well imagined. Acne is an outbreak of pimples. Since this outbreak is fuelled by skin bacteria; it is clear that the anti bacterial properties of honey will help clear acne. Since it is not made under controlled processes, rather is a natural creation its exact measures cannot be determined. This is what finds lesser favor with doctors and scientists that they cannot prescribe it as they do not have full expertise on it.

Again since it is natural, sometimes people react to it with sensitivity and others may be allergic to honey also. There should always be a patch test done before using any new product.

OK, before you go rummaging in the back of the kitchen cupboard for that old jar of honey and smear the contents all over your face, you need to read this section.  For it to do any good, you need to make sure the honey you use is good honey.  Let me explain what I mean.  Most popular brands of honey are treated in some way, by heating or adding water for example; these processed honeys are very unlikely to work because the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are destroyed in the processing.